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Canoga Park California was originally a possession of Spain from 1796-1822 by right of discovery and conquest. For the next twenty-five years it belonged to Mexico until awarded to the United States as reparation following the Mexican War of 1845.

It is said that the name "Canoga" originated from these watering troughs, or "Le Canoas," used by the Indians who populated the area. Between 1912 and 1931, the area was known as Owensmouth, a name suggested because it was near the terminus of the Owens River Acqueduct. Gold was discovered in the hills encircling the valley in March 1842 (preceding the official beginning of the California Gold Rush at Sutter's Mill near Sacramento in January 1848). Rumor had it that the first $20,000 gold piece coined in California was made from the ore taken from the surrounding mountains. In March of 1912, with the founding of the farming community of Owensmouth, this territory became part of the West San Fernando Valley's early 20th Century land boom.

Today, Canoga Park has a population of approximately 70,000 people and is the home to the Ocrutt Estate and Garden Center, the Boeing-Rocketdyne Division, the Canoga Park-Owensmouth Historical Museum, the Madrid Theater (featuring live peformances) and the thriving Canoga Park Antique Row (21500 block of Sherman Way) - a premier destination for bargain hunters featuring a number of old-fashioned shops selling everything from vintage jewelry to classic furniture.

Canoga Park California,Canoga Park Hotels,Canoga Park Real Estate

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